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High Speed Hare is a 2021 Looney Tunes Cartoons short directed by Pete Browngardt.


Out on the streets of Looneyville, Bugs Bunny has become extremely tired from walking all day long, so much so that the soles on his right foot have worn away to the bone. As Bugs complains about the limited options of today's transport, a car siren alerts him to a sign which says "Self Driving Cars for Sale". Impressed, he goes car shopping, and one of them introduces herself and tickles Bugs' fancy. With one latch of the door, he is greeted inside the car and is amazed at the many modern amenities, such as a self-steering wheel, a juicer, a smart television, and a personal disco, but falls into a deep sleep. The car lays Bugs to rest in the front seat, offering him chocolate coated carrots.

He is offered a seat belt massage, which helps him to relax even more. When he is asked where he'd like to go, he charms the car and makes her blush, her screen turns magenta. He asks to go for a spin around town. However, when they reach the street, it is rush hour, and despite the car's best efforts to speed things up by blocking the oncoming traffic, the journey has slowed. To keep him happy, the car changes the environment to a tropical beach and hands him an issue of Car News magazine. Bugs reads a section concerning Gremlins, creatures that love to damage any vehicle they find, with their favorite being self-driving cars. He scoffs, unaware that a little man has a appeared beside him and laughs with him before eating the navigation screen. Appalled, Bugs asks the man what his deal is. He responds that he is, in fact, The Gremlin, having traded a life of sabotaging planes for one of vandalizing automobiles. He bounces on a red button to hold Bugs in the front seat with a seat belt and turns the seat warmer up to 7, scalding the bunny's backside.

The Gremlin smashes the auto seat belt button, and the seat belt boxes with Bugs while he commentates on the event and destroys the wires. The seat belt easily wins the brawl by punching the rabbit out of the front window and onto the car's hood, leaving him helpless as he screams. The Gremlin eats a bucket of salted hexagonal nuts. With the car out of control, the Gremlin tries to pry Bugs from the hood, but is too weak, so Bugs does it himself. The Gremlin comments on his strength before the rabbit is seemingly run over. The Gremlin heads back to the car, but Bugs has merely faked his death. He is about to use the same crowbar to defeat the gremlin, but is electrocuted by a nearby traffic light and drops into the car. The Gremlin is somewhat worried for Bugs' health, but the rabbit apprehends him. He breaks the steering wheel to shut him up, causing the car to drive off a bridge. Bugs pleads with the Gremlin to put the steering wheel back, but he throws it out of the window.

As the car plummets, Bugs panics, marking his own tombstone with "That's all, Folks," while the Gremlin nonchalantly checks his phone and plays with a yoyo. Suddenly, the car stops and floats in mid-air near the San oh-no!-fre Nuclear Power Plant. Bugs points out the electric car has a limited range. The Gremlin agrees to get out and push, and collides with the power plant and culminating in a huge explosion which kills both him and Bugs.





  • The title card is similar to that of "Falling Hare".
  • The tombstone that Bugs is carving, which has "THAT'S ALL, FOLKS" on it, is a nod to Mel Blanc's real life tombstone.