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Hobby Horse-Laffs is a 1942 Looney Tunes short directed by Norman McCabe.


A spoof of a popular radio program of the time called Hobby Lobby with blackout gags showcasing people's various hobbies and/or inventions.

Outrageous hobbies featured include:

  • Boatman Orville Scutter: He is wild and crazy about boats.
  • Botanist Herman Dipple: He has a box plant food. His plant food makes his plants grow very, very tall.
  • Cactus Garden: Its gardener is walking through the cacti in pain.
  • Herbert Strongfort: He eats only raw carrots and grew himself some rabbit ears.
  • Chuckney Gigglezwick: A magician who tries to make a goldfish disappear. But he ended up in the fishbowl instead.
  • Professor Blooper: Imitator of musical instruments
  • Samson McDivot: A tough dog trainer who manages to talk his dog Lochinvar into going back into his doghouse. But somehow he got bit, for his pants were ripped and his underwear is showing.
  • Pilot Students: The pilots are instructed how to fly. At the end of their scene, the literally fly like birds.
  • Collector: He has the largest collection of hotel towels and dishes in the world. But he went to jail for it. So this would mean that he stole them.
  • Julius Digby: He eats a donut that absorbs coffee without any drippage with the flick of a switch. When he takes a bite, the coffee gushes out.
  • Anti-Hotfoot Shoe: Someone put a match under a shoe and lights it up. Then the shoe douses the flame with a flower watering can.
  • Old Man Hutsut: He's an explosives experimenter. One day when the mailman arrives, he somehow blows up himself.
  • Potts: The last hobby features a man named Potts and a fellow passenger reading a newspaper with the fellow passenger dominating the paper. Potts is fed up with it, so when he introduces himself as a gadget maker, he uses one he's wearing right now to poke the passenger in the eyes, allowing him to get the paper back.





  • This is the first Norman McCabe short to feature only one-star characters, rather than recurring characters such as Porky Pig and Daffy Duck like in his previous shorts.
    • Despite this, Porky Pig does make an appearance on the lobby card, although he doesn't actually appear in the cartoon itself.
  • This cartoon entered the Public Domain in 1970.
  • The print used on HBO Max has a strange rendition of the opening music, using a sped-up version of the 1939-1940 opening music instead of the 1941-1945 arrangement used in the Looney Tunes shorts at the time. However, as this is currently the only known print of "Hobby Horse-Laffs" with surviving opening and closing titles, it is not clear if the strange opening music is a mistake made by HBO Max or not.


  • When this cartoon aired on Nickelodeon[1], the entire sequence featuring a mailman trying to deliver a letter to Old Man Hutsut (the explosives experimenter), only to write "Forwarding Address Unknown" after hearing an explosion was cut.