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Holiday Purchase is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Tweety and Granny have just arrived at the Mega Store Mart in New Looney City, which is already packed with customers frantically preparing for Christmas, just in time for the big holiday sale. Meanwhile, in a garbage can just outside the Mart, Sylvester has just set his eyes on the canary, the gift that he wants this year. He slithers up to the entrance of the Mart, but whilst Granny and Tweety slip inside without any issue whatsoever, Sylvester is immediately sucked in after pondering how to enter without drawing any attention and lands in the tools section, after which he is sawed in half with a buzz saw, rendering him half off. At the clothes section, Granny reminds Tweety to look out for good deals, and he discovers one in the sock compartment in which Sylvester is hiding. However, as he is about to devour Tweety, the price of the left socks is reduced by ninety percent, from five dollars to fifty cents, which is such a cheap price that the other customers energetically purchase every last one of them, including Sylvester himself, leaving only his eyeballs and nose. Tweety leaves the sock compartment, thinking that the one remaining sock is too big for him. He discards the sock, leaving it to be snatched up by a female customer along with Sylvester's facial features.

When they reach the ornaments aisle, Granny asks Tweety to pick a nutcracker for their mantle as the nutcrackers are also ninety percent off. He picks a big, ugly nutcracker, which is actually Sylvester in crummy disguise, and requests she to try it. Despite liking the design, she tests it with walnuts, pulling his tail, which she mistakes for a lever, and breaking his teeth. In a false bid to aid Granny, Tweety uses a candy cane to break Sylvester's teeth and spill out the nuts, leaving hher to believe that he's broken and place him back in the incorrect shelf before heading in search of a Christmas tree. A battered Sylvester then uses a dust pail and broom to sweep up his teeth and place them back into his mouth. When they find the trees that are seventy percent off, Tweety is unsure of their outward appearance before Granny opens one up to cure his skepticism. Sylvester spots Tweety pretending to be a Christmas star and sings a variation of "The Twelve Days of Christmas": "On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a delicious yellow canary!" He leaps off the wall to devour the bird, but misses and accidentally eats a Christmas tree which Tweety takes a funky liking to. Granny opens him up as well, but objects to her canary's decision, calling him scraggly. To prove her wrong, Tweety plugs in the "tree", electrocuting Sylvester and lighting him up like a real Christmas tree, causing his now bauble-esque eyes and nose to break from the excess power.

At the toy department, Tweety is playing with a remote controlled toy car. Sylvester unsuccessfully tries to catch him from behind a smart television set that is twenty percent off, failing once more when he reaches the forty percent off mark and becoming increasingly savage at the seventy-five percent off mark. When he accidentally makes his hiding place completely free, the customers hurriedly strip him black and blue, at which he makes a dour comment. Sylvester disguises himself as a woman and uses a fishing pole baited with mistletoe to get to Tweety, who is shaking a snow globe. When the mistletoe descends onto Tweety, Sylvester reminds him of the law that they have to kiss. The canary reluctantly agrees, but suddenly Sylvester's mouth is set on fire due to Tweety lighting a menorah. Sylvester captures him and tells him that "O Tannenbaum" is the last ever Christmas carol that he will sing. Tweety interrupts so he can give the cat his Christmas gift, claiming it to be the reason that he went Christmas shopping. Sylvester is suspicious at first, but tearfully accepts due to the fact that no one has ever given him a gift before. He decides to open it against Santa Claus' wishes, but discovers that the gift is a plush mouse loaded with a stick of dynamite that explodes in his face and sends him to the fruitcake section; the customers express their disgust after Tweety marks him fifty cents. Tweety makes a joke about fruitcake at Sylvester's expense.