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I Only Have Eyes for You is a 1937 Merrie Melodies short directed by Fred Avery.


An ice deliveryman is wooed by a homely spinster bird, who hopes to entice him with her culinary talents. The Iceman, on the other hand, is only interested in Katie Canary, who only wants to marry a radio crooner and rebuffs his overtures to the point where she prefers ordering a refrigerator.

The Iceman, in order to win Katie, hires a voice imitator, Professor Mockingbird, to simulate crooners from the back of his ice truck while the iceman lip-syncs. The scheme eventually backfires when Professor Mockingbird turns blue from the extreme cold in the ice truck. Katie marries the Professor, being sufficiently impressed by his crooning ability, and replaces her radio with a refrigerator, as a means to keep that Iceman away from her forever.

As for the Iceman, he is finally won over by the spinster's cooking and baking. He states, "Well, anyhow, she can cook."





  • The original credits were cut due to the reissue. In addition, the original BR ending is out of circulation, except CN Latin America, which airs as an AAP print, due to the LaserDisc release of the USA "dubbed version", which also airs on Boomerang in the United States.
  • These "dubbed versions" continue their airings on TV in the US and EU countries. The EU dubbed version has the altered dubbed ending card, for reasons unknown.[5] The USA dubbed version, featured on LaserDisc and the DVD Dames, retains the 1948 dubbed ending.[6]
  • The AAP print shown on Cartoon Network Latin America/Tooncast has a glitch at the ending music, but both USA and EU dubbed versions do not have this glitch.[7][dead link]
  • Through eBay auctions in 2007, the original titles have been found for the cartoon, but it is unknown if they have been acquired for future video releases. [8]
    • Although the original titles were vouchsafed, the restored version on HBO Max uses the Blue Ribbon reissue titles instead.
  • It is one of three cartoons in the Blue Ribbon reissue program to have a big WB shield before WARNER BROS. PICTURES INC.
  • This short was produced before Mel Blanc joined WB. However, it was released after.
  • Working title: "I Only Have Ice for You"[9]
  • According to studio publicity, the iceman in the film was named "Sammy Sparrow." [10]