In Bugs We Trust
Series: Baby Looney Tunes
Season: One
Episode No. 35b
Directed By: {{{directed by}}}
Written By:
Released: January 4, 2003
Previous: The Littlest Tweety
Next: Cool for Cats

In Bugs We Trust is the second segment of the thirty-fifth episode of Baby Looney Tunes, originally broadcast on January 4, 2003 on Kids' WB!.


Everyone goes along with Bugs' decisions until he is entrusted to buy a new net for everyone, when his greed gets the better of him and he disappoints them with toys he wanted for himself. He makes up for this by giving up one of his best toys for the necessary money. Because of all this, his friendship with Lola and the others is reconciled and they all try out their new net.

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