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Injun Joe is a Looney Tunes character and the primary antagonist of the black and white short "Injun Trouble" and its color remake "Wagon Heels", both of which cast him against Porky Pig. He was voiced by Billy Bletcher in "Injun Trouble" and by Mel Blanc in "Wagon Heels".

About Joe

Injun Joe is a "Super-Chief" whose territory encompasses the entirety of the continental United States west of the Appalachians. As befitting his title, Joe has super-strength sufficient to rip a mountain in half just by walking through it with durability to match. In both shorts, he attacks a Wagon Train being escorted by Porky Pig to California and attempts to scalp Porky before another character, a slovenly hillbilly named Sloppy Moe, reveals Joe's one weakness is being ticklish which he uses to send Joe falling off a cliff in a laughing fit, thereby ending the Super Chief's reign.


The classic shorts:

The comic book:

  • Looney Tunes #227 (as a delivery man)


  • Injun Joe's nickname, the Super Chief, was a reference to the flagship passenger train of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway. As befitting his namesake, anyone who mentioned Joe's name would punctuate it with a train whistle while blowing a puff of smoke.
  • A similarly-named Native American character of Injun Joe also appears in a brief cameo in the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Wild and Wooly Hare" (1959), but is not the same character as seen in the Porky Pig cartoons "Injun Trouble" and "Wagon Heels". Unlike his Bob Clampett counterpart whom is a villainous injun, here this Injun Joe is depicted as a powerful heroic Western gunslinger who got killed in action in a gun battle against Yosemite Sam off-screen.


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