Isadore Ellis (1910–1994), known throughout the animation industry as Izzy Ellis, was an American animator best known for working for Warner Bros. Cartoons under the Bob Clampett and Frank Tashlin units. Ellis had a long career in the animation industry, which started at Ub Iwerks Studio in 1935. After three years, Ellis moved to Leon Schlesinger Productions, where he worked under the Clampett B/W unit, under the Ray Katz management. Ellis continued to animate in the B/W unit under the supervision of Norman McCabe, and eventually Frank Tashlin. Ellis reunited with Clampett after Robert McKimson took over Tashlin's unit. However, Ellis relocated to McKimson's unit after Art Davis took over the Clampett unit. In 1948, Ellis left to do commercial work.

Looney Works

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