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Joseph "Joe" D'Igalo (25 October 1898 - 29 July 1987) was an American animator. He worked at Walt Disney Productions, Walter Lantz Productions, Leon Schlesinger Productions, and Fleischer Studios.


Joe was an army veteran of World War I, and he began his career in animation at Walt Disney Productions in 1930, where he worked on the Silly Symphonies and the Mickey Mouse series. He left Disney to work at Walter Lantz Productions on the Oswald the Rabbit series and later moved to Leon Schlesinger Productions where he worked for directors Jack King, Tex Avery, Frank Tashlin, and Cal Dalton and Cal Howard. He later moved to Fleischer Studios in Miami where he was an animator on their two feature films Gulliver's Travels and Mr. Bug Goes to Town.[1][2]

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