Johnny Cat.png

Johnny Cat is a bespectacled feline with his glasses on and a hat on his head and a bowtie on his shirt. He is Kitty Bright's friend.

Johnny keeps trying to do the jazz music but doesn't know how. The Professor wants everybody's "sonnets sounding like Kostelanetz" except when he gets to perform. He is so terrible at swinging that his classmate ridicule and make fun of him, for it forces him to stay after class wearing a dunce cap. Miss Kitty Bright tells him to call her when he learns how to swing.

Later that night, Johnny listens to the pendulum clock and gets the beat. He joins the group where the cats are playing and sings a jazzy rendition of "As Easy as Rolling Off a Log" sung (and trumpeted) to Kitty. They take each other's hands, rolling off the log they used as their stage. Kitty covers him with lipstick kisses.


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