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Jose and Manuel
Background information
Species: Crows ("Two Crows from Tacos" and "Crows' Feat")
Mice ("Cannery Woe")
Cats ("Mexicali Shmoes")
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: "Two Crows from Tacos"
Created by: Friz Freleng
Portrayed by: Jose:
Don Diamond ("Two Crows from Tacos")
Mel Blanc (1959-1962)
Gonzales Gonzales ("Chili Corn Corny")

Tom Holland

Jose and Manuel are Looney Tunes characters.


Jose and Manuel are two crows who wear sombreros and have Mexican origins. They appeared in "Mexicali Shmoes" as cats, and in "Cannery Woe" as mice. A variation of the crow character also appeared in "Chili Corn Corny".

Both crows are lazy and not very intelligent.



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