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Junior is a Looney Tunes character who only appeared in "A Waggily Tale". He was voiced by Daws Butler.

About Junior

He is a young boy who often mistreats his dog, Elvis. He however, turns into a dog when he goes to sleep. Junior is abused as a animal by a little girl, being washed in a washing machine, bandaged from head-to-toe after being beaten up by a scrappier, smaller dog, and being toothbrushed with shaving cream, which gets him caught by animal control who mistake him for a rabid dog. When Junior wakes up, he starts being friendly to Elvis and no longer mistreats him.


  • All right mama
  • No mama
  • This is ridiculous
  • I'm a dog
  • Gee, it was only a dream
  • Gee I am glad it was only a dream
  • I learned what a dog's life can be and from now on I'm gonna treat you good
  • I wonder what's going on behind the green door