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Just Plane Beep is a 1965 Looney Tunes short directed by Rudy Larriva.


Wile E. Coyote chases Road Runner on foot, but Road Runner produces dust and runs off the side, smacking the coyote against a wall. While lying down on the ground, a paper for Acme War Surplus is blown towards the coyote, and he sends a coupon in the mail. He receives a World War I bi-plane kit, and plans to use it to catch Road Runner.

  1. Wile E. assembles the plane and attaches the propeller. He tries to start the engine, but the coyote spins the propeller too hard. He is launched into the air, and tries to pull out his parachute. He rips off the backpack straps instead and crashes into the road, with the parachute opening as it falls down the hole Wile E. made.
  2. The coyote boards the plane and does a test flight with it. To stop the plane, the coyote has to pull the brake lever, but he breaks it off, crashing the plane to another canyon wall. Unharmed, Wile E. shrugs and walks off to repair the plane.
  3. Flying off again, the coyote manages to find Road Runner and plans to drop a bomb to the bird. He throws it down, but it blows to the tail of the plane. Wile E. leaves the cockpit to throw the bomb again, but with no one to control the plane, the plane descends quickly to the ground as Wile E. attempts to throw the bomb away from him. The plane collides with the ground, and Wile E., unaware that his plane has already crashed, tosses the bomb one more time and it detonates.
  4. Using a machine gun, the coyote hopes to shoot Road Runner. However, each bullet causes part of the propeller to break off, and eventually the plane fails to move and the gun runs out of ammo. Road Runner, right next to the plane, beeps in delight and runs off.
  5. After fixing the propeller by using wooden planks, the coyote attempts to charge at Road Runner, but he flies over Road Runner and into a group of telephone lines, launching the plane into another part of the desert.
  6. Repairing the plane again, Wile E. walks off to retrieve some tools. However, the blueprint for the plane flies off and he is unsure of how to repair the plane properly. He builds a scrappy-designed bomber plane. Due to the coyote's poor repairs, parts of the plane falls apart, and eventually the chair falls off, leading to Wile E. plummeting to the ground again, with the big bomb on the plane also snapping its ropes.

As he rises back up from the abnormal ejection, he remembers the falling bomb and does a salute before encountering another explosion again. Road Runner, who is watching from a cliff above, sees that Wile E. has been defeated again and jumps in victory while beeping.