Justice League: The New Frontier
Film information
Genre: Superhero
Directed by: Dave Bullock
Produced by: Michael Goguen
Darwyn Cooke
Stan Berkowitz
Sander Schwartz
Gregory Noveck
Bruce Timm
Written by: Stan Berkowitz
Darwyn Cooke
Starring: David Boreanaz
Miguel Ferrer
Neil Patrick Harris
Lucy Lawless
Kyle MacLachlan
Phil Morris
Kyra Sedgwick
Brooke Shields
Jeremy Sisto
Music by: Kevin Manthei
Edited by:
Distributed by: Warner Home Video
Release-date: February 26, 2008
Running time: 75 Minutes
Budget: $5,231,128
Gross revenue:

Justice League: The New Frontier is a 2008 direct-to-video animated superhero film adapted from the DC Comics limited series DC: The New Frontier. The film was written by Stan Berkowitz and the story and visual consultant was Darwyn Cooke.

The film features a cameo appearance of Bugs Bunny (voiced by Joe Alaskey), who is making his second PG-13 appearance after Gremlins 2: The New Batch. This film also marks the very last time Joe Alaskey voiced the Looney Tunes characters (in this case, Bugs Bunny) in a feature film before his death in 2016.

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