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K9 Quarry is the second segment of the sixteenth episode of Duck Dodgers.


Commander X2 as well as K9 goes hunting on a woodsy planet. Unfortunately for them, so does another hunter, whom intends on bagging, K9 tries his best to keep X2 safe,.

Voice Cast


  • Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Wally Gator, Hong Kong Phooey, and Top Cat all make cameos.
  • Bugs appears in the title card, and later gets a name drop.
  • The Alien Hunter's spaceship is shaped like a falcon.
  • There are two instances in the short that hint at the alien hunter's true identity:
    • While Marvin is chasing a rabbit, the alien hunter sets up a giant bear trap and puts it in his path, as in "Zoom at the Top".
    • After the alien hunter gets knocked over by the logs released earlier, he then rolls off the cliff and into thin air. As the logs fall, the alien hunter then stays suspended in the air long enough to stare at us before plummeting into the canyon, complete with a bird's-eye view of his fall and a cloud of dust when he lands.
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