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Kartoon Klassics is a 1986 VHS series from Viking Video Classics.

Looney Tapes

Lt v kkl 3.jpg

Vol. 3

Lt v kkl 4.jpg

Vol. 4

Lt v kkl 5.jpg

Vol. 5

Lt v kkl 6.jpg

Vol. 6

Lt v kkl 7.jpg

Vol. 7

Lt v kkl 8.jpg

Vol. 8

  • "Ding Dong Daffy"
  • "Little Lulu"
  • "Old Mother Hubbard"
  • "Little Black Sambo"
  • "The Kids in the Shoe"
  • "Jasper in a Jam"
  • "The Lone Star State"

Lt v kkl 9.jpg

Vol. 9

Lt v kkl 10.jpg

Vol. 10


  • Volume 2 contains no Warner Bros. cartoons.
  • This set is very similar to the Kartoon Klassics set from Viking's predecessor.