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Kid Pics is a VHS series from Amvest.

Looney Tapes

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The Best of Kid Pics

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The Best of Looney Tunes

Tape 1

Tape 2

Tape 3

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Bugs Bunny

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Bugs Bunny

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Bugs Bunny What's Up Doc?

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Cartoon Matinee

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Casper and Friends

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Daffy Duck

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Elmer Fudd

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Felix the Cat

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Heckle and Jeckle

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The Kids in the Shoe

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Little Lulu

The Magic of Animation

  • "Popeye Meets Sinbad"
  • "Volcano"
  • "Little Nobody"
  • "An Itch in Time"
  • "Mummy's Boy"
  • "Butterscotch and Soda"
  • "Bored of Education"

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Mighty Mouse

Musical Cartoons

  • "Corny Concerto"
  • "Tubby the Tuba"
  • "Dancin' on the Moon"
  • "Happy You and Merry Me"
  • "Goofy Goofy Gander"
  • "Hep Cat Symphony"
  • "Kids in a Shoe"
  • "Minnie's Yoo Hoo"
  • "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"
  • "Musical Memories"

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Porky & Daffy

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Porky Pig

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Raggedy Ann

  • "The Enchanted Square"
  • "Song of the Birds"
  • "The Pincushion-Man"
  • "Hamateur Night"

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Woody Woodpecker

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Grampa's Silly Scaries