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Kitty Livin is a 2021 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Granny and Tweety have packed for their big move to Florida tomorrow. Tweety is especially excited as he believes it will be better than the Old Moldy Apartments in New Looney City. As Tweety is wishing Granny goodnight, a hungry Sylvester is spying on him from above with a telescope and planning to eat him. Sneaking into the apartment, he makes a snide comment on old people's handling of doors and how to lock them, before using a straw to suck the canary whole. Sylvester sits in an armchair. Tweety lands in his digestive system and mistakes it for Florida and the ribs for his brand new cage. Not being able to see anything around him, Tweety makes a quick fire by breaking Sylvester's ribs. Sylvester thinks it's heartburn, so he drinks an entire bowl of toilet water; Tweety mistakes it for Florida's unpredictable weather.

Tweety takes a walkabout through his new home and confuses Sylvester's circulatory system for a personal gym, giving him palpitations when he uses the heart as a punching bag. Next, Tweety encounters Sylvester's stomach and views it as a jacuzzi, diagnosing him with indigestion when he takes a dip. Realizing his phone battery is running low, he uses the spinal cord as a charging cable. Tweety begins to dislike how empty his home is and orders 20,396,284 pieces of furniture online. Sylvester is confused when a delivery man brings a package addressed to his stomach. Tweety throws a cagewarming party and invites all 2,300 of his Tweeter followers to join. When the party finally starts, Sylvester invites one of his cat friends into his stomach to eat the birds. However, he discovers that the cat has joined the party and angrily concedes defeat before inserting his own head into his stomach, where he is welcomed by Tweety.

As a surprise bonus, Granny has invited herself over to the party and everyone celebrates together.