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Lady, Play Your Mandolin! is a 1931 Merrie Melodies short directed by Rudolf Ising.


Animal patrons at a Mexican cafe sing the title song. Foxy rides up on his horse, but when the horse tries to go inside, he ties its neck around a cactus. He enters the cafe and sings. Roxy takes the stage, playing her mandolin, and Foxy joins her in a duet. When the horse frees itself and sings with them, Foxy steps out and clobbers it with a bottle. Foxy and Roxy finish their song, but as the music plays out, the horse stumbles in, drinks a bottle of firewater, begins hallucinating, and dances so fast that he catches fire. A mouse climbs out of the horse's singed pants and slams a garbage can lid for the final cymbal clang.




  • Starting with this short, all Looney Tunes shorts would be directed by Hugh Harman, and all Merrie Melodies shorts would be directed by Rudolf Ising until 1933.
    • Although some of the 1933 LT and MM shorts would sometimes be co-directed by Friz Freleng with either Harman or Ising.
  • This short has rarely been shown since its original release.[1] It was shown as part of the Toon Heads special The Lost Warner Bros. Cartoons with some parts cut for time.
  • This is the first Merrie Melodie to be produced and released.
  • This short marks the debut of Foxy and Roxy.
  • This short entered the public domain in 1960 due to Warner Bros. failing to renew its copyright in time.
  • This short has a unique version of the opening theme.
  • This is the only Harman/Ising Merrie Melodies cartoon not to be in the Associated Artists Productions package. Instead, this cartoon is part of the Sunset Productions package.
  • MeTV+ aired a previously unreleased restored print of this cartoon on Sunday Night Cartoons. This short's restoration would later be added to HBO Max's streaming service separately, rather than in a batch.



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