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Latin Names are running gags in almost every Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner films. Whenever the Coyote and Road Runner first appear on screen, the screen freezes, and their names appear, both in English and Latin, although the Latin names aren't really the exact translations.

The Latin names are however not found on any of the DFE-era Road Runner cartoons. It is also not used in "To Beep or Not to Beep" (which reuses footage from Adventures of the Road Runner). To date, the CGI Road Runner theatrical cartoons have not yet used any Latin names when describing the characters.

Additionally, there have been Latin names for Bugs Bunny (Rabbitus idioticus delicius in "Rabbit's Feat", Oryctolagus Cuniculus in "In Cold Fudd"), Granny (Judgius oldius in "Inherit the Windbag"), Foghorn Leghorn (Roosterus blabberus also in "Inherit the Windbag"), and Roadrunner's trademark sound "Beep Beep!" (Beepius-beepius in "Soup or Sonic").


Classic Cartoons

Cartoon Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Fast and Furry-ous

Beep, Beep

Going! Going! Gosh!

Accelleratii incredibus Carnivorous vulgaris
Zipping Along Velocitus tremenjus Road-Runnerus digestus
Stop! Look! And Hasten! Hot-roddicus supersonicus Eatibus anythingus
Ready.. Set.. Zoom! Speedipus rex Famishus-famishus
Guided Muscle Velocitus delectiblus Eatibus almost anythingus
Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z Delicius-delicius Eatius birdius
There They Go-Go-Go! Dig-outius tid-bittius Famishius fantasticus
Scrambled Aches Tastyus supersonicus Eternalii famishiis
Zoom and Bored Birdibus zippibus Famishus vulgaris
Whoa, Be-Gone! Birdius high-ballius Famishius vulgaris ingenuisi
Hook, Line and Stinker Burnius-roadibus Famishus-famishus
Hip Hip- Hurry! Digoutis-unbelievablii Eatius Slobbius
Hot-Rod and Reel! Super-sonicus-tastius Famishus famishus
Wild About Hurry Batoutahelius Hardheadipus oedipus
Fastest with the Mostest Velocitus incalcublii Carnivorous slobbius
Hopalong Casualty Speedipus rex Hard-Headipus ravenus
Zip 'n Snort Digoutius-hot-rodis Evereadii eatibus
Lickety-Splat Fastius tasty-us Apetitus giganticus
Beep Prepared Tid-bitius velocitus Hungrii flea-baggius
Zoom at the Top Disappearialis quickius Overconfidentii vulgaris

Adventures of the Road-Runner

Speedomitrus-maximus Appetitius-uncontrolibus
War and Pieces Burn-em uppus asphaltus Caninus nervous rex
Freeze Frame Semper food-ellus Grotesques appetitus
Soup or Sonic Ultra-sonicus ad infinitum

("Beep Beep" has "Beepius-beepius")

Nemesis ridiculii
Chariots of Fur Boulevardius-burnupius Dogius ignoramii
Little Go Beep Morselus babyfatius tastius Poor schnookius
Whizzard of Ow Geococcyx californianus
(actual taxonomic name for the Greater Roadrunner;
translates as "Californian earth-cuckoo")
Canis latrans
(actual taxonomic name for the Coyote;
translates as "barking dog")

The Looney Tunes Show

Cartoon Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Sail Fail Avian aerodynamicus Canis idioticus

Looney Tunes Cartoons

Cartoon Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Climate Control Speedius-Gonzalicus
(References Speedy Gonzales' name)
Fallious Flatius
Multiply and Conquer Speedius-Ludicrous Eternicus-Failurus
Swoop De Doo! Speed Breaking Recordus Starvingus Loserus
Asphalt and Battery Velocitacus Raptorus Rapacious Resarchi
Fast & Steady Ridiculous Uber Fast Birdus
Spring Forward, Fall Flat Lickity-Spliticus Lickity-Lipsius
Portal Kombat Outpaceous-Zipspastus Fastidious-Fastactus

DC Comic Variants

DC Comic Story Issues Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
The Shot Felt 'Round the World 1, Zoomus-zoomus Genius-schemenius
Gotcha Covered 2, Beepus-beepus Sneakyus-starvingus
Rock 'n' Roll Wile E. 3, Fleetus-footus Famishus-famishus
Catch as Catch Can't 20, Alwaysus-aheadus Neverus-learnus
Tanks but No Tanks! 59, Movingous-targettus Doofus ex machina
Bird's Eye View 65, 220, 247 Plightius in plain sightius Schemious off screenious
Fowled Out 77, Zoompastia-agiliti Fantasticus-obsessiv
Cheops Stix

Note: Uses Egyptian Names for this comic.

79, 177 Here-An-Gon-Inna-Flash Hap-Tu-An-Runforit
Seeings Stars 91, Turbous boosterium Hungryus-ridiculous
One for the Road

Note: Both Latin Names involve Chuck Jones' names in them.

93, Chuckius lotta luckus Jonesious danger proneseous
Speed Trapped 96, Velocerous-maximus Deus ex ignoramous
The Beep Goes On Part 1: Beep Beep B.C. 123 Zippadeedus-doodahadicus Piltdown-chowdownian
The Beep Goes On Part 2: Western Wile E. 123 Yeedian-hahdicus Saddleian-soreipus
The Beep Goes On Part 3: Beep to the Future 123 Warpous-speedicus Stomachus-grumblein
There's No Business Like Snow Business 173 Hardtu-catchum Dorcus-aplentae
Roadside Reunion 182 Groupian-zoomirius Bornifex-loserian
Speed Reading 195 Fastian-trackius Crashorian-courseicus
Coyote Convention 219 Fasticus-furiousicus Needsius-improvementius
Job Insecurity 223 Uncatchicus-foreveris Stupidus-repeatibus
Out of Control 238 Speedis-outsmartus Eageris-foolis
The Fast and the Speedy-est 245 Longian gone-ius Lostian causeicus
Mixed Signals 249 Rapids-runneris Epicus-failus

Video Game Variants

Road Runner (Arcade, Atari Game):

  • Note: These Latin Names are shown randomly.
Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Velocitus delectibus Hardheadus hungrus
Cantus stopus Hard-headipus oepipus
Movoutus unbelivabus Notso supersonicus
Hotus rodicus Hungrii flea-bagius
Foreverus seedeatus Overconfidenti vulgaris
Veryus quickus Eatus roadrunnus
Acceleratii inredibilii Pigoutus onbirdus
Disappearus quickus Appetitus giganticus

Road Runner's Death Valley Rally:

Level Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Zippety SPLAT! (desert roads) Speedomitrus maximus Hungarius uncontrolibus

Rock 'n' Rivet (construction site)

Greasius-lightningus Gadgetius-fanaticum
Train Runnery (railroad/cirus train) Accelerati-incredibus Ravenous-uncontrollibii

Hopalong Casualty (mine level)

Rocketum-instantanius Ravenous-carnivourous
Quantum Beep (night time desert) Birdibus-zippidus Famishus-vulgarium

Desert Demolition:

Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
Speedicus birdicus Canis ravenous

Looney Tunes Double Pack: ACME Antics:

  • Note: The following Latins Names from this game were reused from some classic Road Runner cartoons:
Level Road Runner Wile E. Coyote
1 Accelleratti incredibus Carnivorous vulgaris
2 Birdibus zippibus Hungrii flea-bagius
3 Burnius-roadibus Apetitius giganticus
4 Fastius tasty-us Eatius-slobbius
5 Disappearialis quickius Eatius birdius
6 Burn-em upus asphaltus Eatibus anythingus
7 Super-sonicus-tonicus Grotesques appetitus
8 Hot-roddicus supersonicus Caninus nervous rex

Parody Variants