Leaf It Alone
Leaf It Alone
Series: Wabbit
Season: 1
Episode No. 3b
Directed By: Scott Bern
Written By: John Infantino
Released: September 22, 2015
Previous; St. Bugs and the Dragon
Next: The Bigfoot in Bed

Leaf It Alone is the second part of the third episode of Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production. It first aired September 22, 2015.


Bugs is raking leaves in his yard, and asks Squeaks to help him. Squeaks puts one leaf on the pile before he collapses out of exhaustion. Bugs' neighbor, Wile E. Coyote, criticizes Bugs' primitive ways of cleaning up the yard, and uses his Leafocalypse to clean up his yard in a few seconds, except for one leaf. Wile tries to get rid of the leaf, including zapping it with a laser, but is not successful. After he admits defeat, the leaf is revealed to be Squeaks in disguise.



Bugs Bunny Jeff Bergman
Squeaks the Squirrel Dee Bradley Baker
Wile E. Coyote JP Karliak


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