Les Miseranimals is the second segment of Animaniacs Episode 11.


The episode takes place in a rural town in France. Runt escapes from a guard prison and a fierce dog proposes to go after him. A owner is very depressed because during the French Revolution (according to Rita), there is not enough meat. His customers leave angry because the pies can never taste good with meat. The owner turns to his cats as a result. Rita sings a song of how she wishes she lived in a paradise in which she is loved by her owner as to be safe in the house. However, this turns back to where she is now where she is at risk for being killed and eaten by the owner's customers.

Soon, Runt appears and tells Rita he is going to help her escape. He bites Rita hoping she would escape, but she screams and doesn't escape. Rita, knowing Runt's stupidity, forgives Runt and sings a song. Runt then goes to other poodles and they help the cats escape. The dogs sing a song while they dig down to build a tunnel to help the cats escape. Rita attempts, but the other cats don't want to get their paws dirty. They disregard their wishes in attempts to escape the pound. They escape, but the owner finds out and kidnaps Rita, in a last attempt to take the last cat. Runt bites the owners butt and the owner is infuriated. He attempts to hit Runt with a mallet but hits the mallet on the wall instead. The fierce dog from earlier attempts to attack Runt and bring him back to the pound, but Runt accuses him of stealing the bone. The owner breaks the wall and Runt leaves while the owner and the dog get smashed by the wall.

Rita, Runt and all the other animals attempt to escape and run for Paris, in the hopes they will find a new home with owners that care about them.


  • Allusions are made in the show to Les Miserables, a French book that takes place in the rural areas of France, and the French book Sweeney Todd, who pretends to be a barber, then kills his customers and bakes their meat into a pie, a clear reference to Rita's owner.
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