Lights Fantastic
Directed By: Friz Freleng
Produced By: Leon Schlesinger
Released: May 23, 1942
Series: Merrie Melodies
Story: Sgt. Dave Monahan
Animation: Gil Turner
Layouts: Owen Fitzgerald
Backgrounds: Paul Julian
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Mel Blanc
The Mellomen
Music: Carl W. Stalling
Starring: Eye Test Announcer
Singing Clown
Bus Driver
Man With Cold
Preceded By: Nutty News
Succeeded By: Hobby Horse-Laffs
Merrie Melodies - Lights Fantastic (1942)

Merrie Melodies - Lights Fantastic (1942)

Lights Fantastic is a 1942 Merrie Melodies short directed by Friz Freleng.


New York City and its various bright lights all come to life.


Two scenes were excised from airings on Cartoon Network USA due to ethnic stereotyping and sexual imagery:

  • The scene featuring Chinese people frantically reading Chinese print and speaking in Chinese very fast is cut. The previous scene, showing people boarding a rickshaw tour bus, was also edited, but instead of being cut, it was cropped so the Chinese rickshaw drivers are barely shown (this edit was also done when the cartoon short aired on TNT).
  • During the end scene with the Egyptian cigarette ad, the last frame of the billboard where it shows a cheesecake picture of a redheaded woman posing in a green swimsuit is cut (While it may seem like an innocuous cut, frame-precise pausing reveals that the woman's green swimsuit is translucent enough to reveal her naked body).[1]


  • Similar in concept to "Billboard Frolics" from 1935.
  • The Turner "dubbed version" replaces the original 1941-1955 MM ending music cue with the 1938-1941 MM ending music cue.



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