Porky Pig (character of looney tunes)

This is a list of cartoons in which Porky Pig has appeared:


  1. "I Haven't Got a Hat" Music note
  2. "Hollywood Capers" Lt icon (silent cameo)
  3. "Country Mouse" Music note (silent cameo)
  4. "Gold Diggers of '49" Lt icon
  5. "Plane Dippy" Lt icon
  6. "Alpine Antics" Lt icon (silent)
  7. "The Phantom Ship" Lt icon (silent cameo)
  8. "Boom Boom" Lt icon
  9. "The Blow Out" Lt icon
  10. "Westward Whoa" Lt icon
  11. "Fish Tales" Lt icon
  12. "Shanghaied Shipmates" Lt icon
  13. "Porky's Pet" Lt icon
  14. "Porky the Rain-Maker" Lt icon
  15. "Porky's Poultry Plant" Lt icon
  16. "Porky's Moving Day" Lt icon
  17. "Milk and Money" Lt icon
  18. "Little Beau Porky" Lt icon
  19. "The Village Smithy" Lt icon
  20. "Porky in the North Woods" Lt icon
  21. "Boulevardier from the Bronx" Music note (silent cameo)
  22. "Porky the Wrestler" Lt icon
  23. "Porky's Road Race" Lt icon
  24. "Picador Porky" Lt icon
  25. "Porky's Romance" Lt icon
  26. "Porky's Duck Hunt" Lt icon
  27. "Porky and Gabby" Lt icon
  28. "Porky's Building" Lt icon
  29. "Porky's Super Service" Lt icon
  30. "Porky's Badtime Story" Lt icon
  31. "Porky's Railroad" Lt icon
  32. "Get Rich Quick Porky" Lt icon
  33. "Porky's Garden" Lt icon
  34. "Rover's Rival" Lt icon
  35. "The Case of the Stuttering Pig" Lt icon
  36. "Porky's Double Trouble" Lt icon
  37. "Porky's Hero Agency" Lt icon
  38. "Porky's Poppa" Lt icon
  39. "Porky at the Crocadero" Lt icon
  40. "What Price Porky" Lt icon
  41. "Porky's Phoney Express" Lt icon
  42. "Porky's Five & Ten" Lt icon
  43. "Porky's Hare Hunt" Lt icon
  44. "Injun Trouble" Lt icon
  45. "Porky the Fireman" Lt icon
  46. "Porky's Party" Lt icon
  47. "Porky's Spring Planting" Lt icon
  48. "Porky & Daffy" Lt icon
  49. "Wholly Smoke" Lt icon
  50. "Porky in Wackyland" Lt icon
  51. "Porky's Naughty Nephew" Lt icon
  52. "Porky in Egypt" Lt icon
  53. "The Daffy Doc" Lt icon
  54. "Porky the Gob" Lt icon
  55. "The Lone Stranger and Porky" Lt icon (silent)
  56. "It's an Ill Wind" Lt icon
  57. "Porky's Tire Trouble" Lt icon
  58. "Porky's Movie Mystery" Lt icon
  59. "Chicken Jitters" Lt icon
  60. "Porky and Teabiscuit" Lt icon
  61. "Kristopher Kolumbus Jr." Lt icon
  62. "Polar Pals" Lt icon
  63. "Scalp Trouble" Lt icon
  64. "Old Glory" Music note
  65. "Wise Quacks" Lt icon
  66. "Hare-um Scare-um" Music note (cameo on a "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies" poster)
  67. "Porky's Hotel" Lt icon
  68. "Jeepers Creepers" Lt icon
  69. "Naughty Neighbors" Lt icon
  70. "Pied Piper Porky" Lt icon
  71. "Porky the Giant Killer" Lt icon
  72. "The Film Fan" Lt icon
  73. "Porky's Last Stand" Lt icon
  74. "Africa Squeaks" Lt icon
  75. "Ali-Baba Bound" Lt icon
  76. "Pilgrim Porky" Lt icon
  77. "Slap Happy Pappy" Lt icon
  78. "Porky's Poor Fish" Lt icon
  79. "You Ought to Be in Pictures" Lt icon
  80. "The Chewin' Bruin" Lt icon
  81. "Porky's Baseball Broadcast" Lt icon
  82. "Patient Porky" Lt icon
  83. "Calling Dr. Porky" Lt icon
  84. "Prehistoric Porky" Lt icon
  85. "The Sour Puss" Lt icon
  86. "Porky's Hired Hand" Lt icon
  87. "The Timid Toreador" Lt icon
  88. "Porky's Snooze Reel" Lt icon
  89. "Porky's Bear Facts" Lt icon
  90. "Porky's Preview" Lt icon
  91. "Porky's Ant" Lt icon
  92. "A Coy Decoy" Lt icon
  93. "Porky's Prize Pony" Lt icon
  94. "We, the Animals - Squeak!" Lt icon
  95. "The Henpecked Duck" Lt icon
  96. "Notes to You" Lt icon
  97. "Robinson Crusoe Jr." Lt icon
  98. "Porky's Midnight Matinee"
  99. "Porky's Pooch" Lt icon
  100. "Porky's Pastry Pirates" Lt icon
  101. "Who's Who in the Zoo" Lt icon
  102. "Porky's Cafe" Lt icon
  103. "My Favorite Duck" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  104. "Any Bonds Today?" (N/A)
  105. "Confusions of a Nutzy Spy" Lt icon
  106. "Yankee Doodle Daffy" Lt icon
  107. "Porky Pig's Feat" Lt icon
  108. "A Corny Concerto" Music note (silent)
  109. "An Itch in Time" Music note Blueribbon icon (cameo on a comic book with Bugs Bunny in it)
  110. "Tom Turk and Daffy" Lt icon
  111. "Tick Tock Tuckered" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  112. "Swooner Crooner" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  113. "Duck Soup to Nuts" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  114. "Slightly Daffy" Music note Blueribbon icon
  115. "Brother Brat" Lt icon
  116. "Trap Happy Porky" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  117. "Wagon Heels" Music note
  118. "Baby Bottleneck" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  119. "Daffy Doodles" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  120. "Kitty Kornered" Lt icon
  121. "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" Lt icon (silent cameo)
  122. "Mouse Menace" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  123. "One Meat Brawl" Music note Blueribbon icon
  124. "Little Orphan Airedale" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  125. "Daffy Duck Slept Here" Blueribbon icon
  126. "Nothing but the Tooth" Music note
  127. "The Pest That Came to Dinner" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  128. "Riff Raffy Daffy" Lt icon
  129. "Scaredy Cat" Music note Blueribbon icon
  130. "Awful Orphan" Music note Blueribbon icon
  131. "Porky Chops" Lt icon
  132. "Paying the Piper" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  133. "Daffy Duck Hunt" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  134. "Curtain Razor" Lt icon
  135. "Often an Orphan" Music note Blueribbon icon
  136. "Dough for the Do-Do" Music note Blueribbon icon
  137. "Bye, Bye Bluebeard" Music note Blueribbon icon
  138. "Boobs in the Woods" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  139. "The Scarlet Pumpernickel" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  140. "An Egg Scramble" Music note Blueribbon icon
  141. "Golden Yeggs" Music note Blueribbon icon
  142. "The Ducksters" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  143. "Dog Collared" Music note Blueribbon icon
  144. "The Wearing of the Grin" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  145. "Drip-Along Daffy" Music note Blueribbon icon
  146. "The Prize Pest" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  147. "Thumb Fun" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  148. "Cracked Quack" Music note Blueribbon icon
  149. "Fool Coverage" Lt icon Blueribbon icon
  150. "Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century" Music note
  151. "Claws for Alarm" Music note
  152. "My Little Duckaroo" Music note
  153. "Jumpin' Jupiter" Music note
  154. "Dime to Retire" Lt icon
  155. "Rocket Squad" Music note
  156. "Deduce, You Say" Music note
  157. "Boston Quackie" Lt icon
  158. "Robin Hood Daffy" Music note
  159. "China Jones" Lt icon
  160. "Daffy's Inn Trouble" Lt icon
  161. "Dumb Patrol" Lt icon (silent cameo)
  162. "Corn on the Cop" Music note
  163. "Mucho Locos" Music note (silent stock footage)

Post-Golden Age

  1. "Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century" Music note
  2. "Superior Duck" Lt icon
  3. "My Generation G...G... Gap" Lt icon
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