Little Dutch Plate is a 1935 Merrie Melodies short directed by Isadore Freleng.


In a Dutch kitchen, a girl on a plate on a shelf and a salt shaker boy are in love. Various kitchen appliances are singing. The boy jumps to the shelf and dances with the girl. Eventually, a nefarious vinegar landlord bottle arrives holding the mortgage. He threatens to kick the girl out of the windmill house. The boy is left with thirty minutes to get the money and the cuckoo bird will announce when time is up. When he arrives at his piggy bank, he finds that there is only one cent in it. He sees his pa's false teeth are on a shelf, and they have gold teeth; the boy uses a firecracker to knock the gold teeth out. However, the clock runs past midnight and the boy doesn't return in time. The landlord takes the girl inside a grandfather clock and straps her to a board that's about be cut in half by the gears. The boy hears her cry for help, and he rescues her while also pummeling the vinegar landlord. However, after having his old stopper head punched off, the vinegar bottle finds a much better looking head and the girl is more attracted to the landlord than the boy now. The cuckoo bird also has enough of the Indian hitting his head and shoots him repeatedly with a gun before cuckooing again normally.




  • The original Blue Ribbon reissue ending titles exist through a Portuguese a.a.p print,[2] however, the dubbed version was released on LaserDisc. The HBO Max restoration uses the 1959-60 ending title card.



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