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Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal is a 2007 video game released for the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and the Xbox 360.


The Evil Doctor Frankenbeans has built robots of extraordinary power. Doctor Frankenbeans is ready to try to destroy the Looney Tunes by going back in time to destroy their ancestors and he will stop at nothing. It is time for the Looney Tunes to fight back! Arm your Tune with Looney super weapons and suits. Get ready to fight back and go through a Looney adventure. So the question is; are you ready to fight back or not?


These are the Looney Tunes characters that appear in the game. Videos show that Elmer Fudd and Pepé Le Pew were originally planned to be in the game.

Playable characters


These can be unlocked by collecting coins in levels and buying them in cases.

Non-Playable Characters





  • King Daffy
  • Grandpapi Sammy
  • The Old Devil
  • Pharoh Bugs
  • Mervin The Martian
  • Cornol Foghorn Egghorn


Dr. Frankenbeans' Castle (1)

  • Wack-tastic Robot Bash
  • Plan-Tastic Voyage
  • Log Ness Monster


  • The Muddy Evil Forest
  • Escape of Excalibur

Wild West

  • Low Moon

Prehistoric Tazmania

  • Pterodactyl Treetop Terror
  • Volcano Way Out

A Warm Place

  • Bully for Porky

Ancient Egypt

  • In De-Nile
  • Pryamuddle


  • Scooterway Scramble
  • The Martian Fashion Show
  • Canyon Chaos

World War 1

  • The Filthy Half Dozen
  • All Noisy on the Egg Stern Front
  • Full Metal Omelet


  • Welcome to Wackyland

Dr.Frankenbeans' Castle

  • Assembly Line Insanity
  • Roboticus Giganticus……It's Alive

Wile E. Coyote Level

  • Wile E. Coyote Level

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