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Looney Tunes Cartoons is a revival of the Looney Tunes franchise, comprised of 1-6 minute shorts. The series debuted online with a 90-second preview short on June 12th, 2019[1], with the rest of the series slated for a 2020 release on HBO Max.[2][3] This is a departure from prior Looney Tunes productions as in each short will have a different artist and visual style. The only known voice actors are Fred Tatasciore, Jeff Bergman, Bob Bergen and Eric Bauza[4]. It was later revealed that storyboardist/writer Michael Ruocco would be voicing Beaky Buzzard in the series.[5]

Sam Register and Peter Browngardt (creator of Uncle Grandpa) are the executive producers for this project.[6] The designs for Looney Tunes Cartoons were previewed in the Warner Bros. Animation logo that was first shown before Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, and shown in other Warner Bros. film subsequently.

Voice Cast


No. Title Characters Director Written by Storyboard by Original Air date
1 "Dynamite Dance" Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd David Gemmill David Gemmill, Peter Browngardt and Johnny Ryan David Gemmill June 12, 2019[7]
"Mummy Dummy" Bugs Bunny Michael Ruocco & TBA[8] Michael Ruocco[9] TBA, 2020
"Wet Cement" Porky Pig and Daffy Duck Michael Ruocco & TBA[10] Michael Ruocco[11] TBA, 2020
"The Curse of the Monkey Bird"[12] Porky Pig and Daffy Duck TBA, 2020
"Basket Bugs"[13] Bugs Bunny David Gemmill
"Sick as a Hare"[14] Bugs Bunny
"TNT Trouble"[15]
"Pain in the Ice"[16] Tweety & Sylvester[17]


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