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Looney Tunes Wiki is a Looney Tunes database founded by Wack'd About Wiki on January 25, 2006. 

Current Logo

Wiki Looney logo

The original logo of our wiki (circa 2006)

The Looney-Tics Have Taken Over This Asylum

"Ith dithpicable.'"
"It reminds me of me."
"I get that a lot."
"Never ask where hotdogs come from."
"Don't worry, I still qualify."
"Ooh-heh-heh-heh! Ooh-heh-heh-heh!"


We are a collaborative team currently forming the largest database of Looney Tunes in the history of FOREVER! Depsite our founder having left the project, that doesn't stop us from continuing to add information to the wiki.

An old logo made by SunOyen

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