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Los Angeles, California (also known as L.A or just Los Angeles) is a city in the United States in the state of California. Los Angeles is known for its beaches, high rises, expensive homes, good weather year-round, and traffic. Los Angeles is the county seat of Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County, one of the original twenty-seven counties created upon the founding of California in 1850, is the largest county in the United States by population, with a population of about 10,170,000 as of 2015. The county is home to 88 cities (including Los Angeles), hundreds of neighborhoods, and over 70 unincorporated areas and census-designated-places. The Greater Los Angeles Area also includes neighboring Orange County, which used to be part of Los Angeles County prior to separating in 1889 and has a population of about 3,170,000 as of 2015. Today, Los Angeles including the neighborhoods, but not the incorporated cities around it, has a population of 3,976,322 as of 2016.

Warner Bros. has their current studio lot in neighboring city Burbank, California, which is also part of Los Angeles County. Many directors, actors, producers, and animators lived here during the Golden Age of American Animation. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has their studio lot in Beverly Hills, another neighboring city. The former Termite Terrace studio was also located in the Los Angeles city limits. Burbank separated from the city of Los Angeles in the early 1900s.

Bugs Bunny is on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles known for its movie stars.

Six Flags has a park in Santa Clarita, California. Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is located 30 miles north of Los Angeles in Los Angeles County, currently leases rights to use the Looney Tunes characters in the park.

The main setting where The Looney Tunes Show takes place is supposedly in a suburb of Los Angeles. The setting for the beginning scene in Looney Tunes: Back in Action is in Warner Bros. studios in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The Mojave Desert, about 100 miles away, was another setting for Looney Tunes: Back in Action.

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