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Lovelorn Leghorn is a 1951 Looney Tunes short directed by Robert McKimson.


The other hens in the barn tease Miss Prissy because she does not have a husband. Prissy sets out with a rolling pin in her hand to find one. In her attempts she finds bachelor Foghorn Leghorn in the middle of a feud with Barnyard Dawg. Foghorn sees this as a perfect opportunity to prank the dog. After getting a watermelon smashed on his head by Foghorn, Barnyard Dawg helps Prissy to get Foghorn as her mate by knocking him out cold and stuffing him into a picnic basket.




  • This is the first pairing of Foghorn Leghorn and Miss Prissy, who debuted in the Porky Pig cartoon "An Egg Scramble" the previous year. Initially in these cartoons, Miss Prissy has a crush on Foghorn Leghorn, who doesn't reciprocate her affections, though in later cartoons, Foghorn pursues Miss Prissy for selfish reasons.
  • This cartoon was used in Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island, but the ending was changed so that Miss Prissy would carry Foghorn in a wheelbarrow as they leave the wishing well.



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