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The Loyal Order Grand Master is a minor character in the Merrie Melodies series. He was voiced by Mel Blanc. His only appearance was in "Bell Hoppy".


The Loyal Order Grand Master throws Sylvester out of the club, telling him that he and the group do not want him for a member. So when Hippety Hopper arrives in the city, he escapes the city zoo and bounces around, lucky for Sylvester, the chief gives him a job: to put a bell over him. Things become out of control, a few minutes later. The cats lose out on the opportunity, causing them to get hit by the zoo truck and bandaged up soon after. Sylvester takes over, only this time to get black-balled again.


  • "As Grand Pooh-Bah of this great organization: The Loyal Order of Alley Cats Mousing and Chowder club, we don't want yas for no member. Now beat it! And stay beateded!"
  • "Pickings ain't what they used to be in this neighborhood! And am I hungry! Bet I could eat a mouse as big as a moose. 'Cause there ain't such a thing. I just wish there was. There is! What a banquet that mouse'll make!"
  • "This calls for a special meeting of the brotherhood."