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Eh, what's up, doc? Welcome to Looney Tunes Wiki, a project-based community with passionate editors and a major source for all things "looney-tuney" since January 2006! Currently, the team is currently editing 4,740 pages with more to come. The team also has uploaded 28,922 files! You can help us out on the project by joining today! Also to parents, we recommend our Parent Page to help you decide if Looney Tunes is the right kind of program for your child. Furthermore, before you edit anything, please review our recently revised policies, which are enforced as of April 29, 2017! Happy editing, folks!

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TV Times

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Want to find out when the Looney Tunes classics as well as its spin-off shows are on the Turner networks? Check out the Looney Tunes TV Tracker, which is maintained and updated weekly by member TheCityMaker! (read more...)


Latest Media

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Looney Tunes Cartoons is a new show focusing on Bugs Bunny and other characters with new adventures in the form of shorts. The show airs on HBO Max. The official Comic-Con @ Home panel is Sunday, July 26 at 3pm PT. (read more...)

Featured Company

Warner Media LLC, NYSE: TWX, formerly Time Warner Inc. and AOL Time Warner) is an American corporation headquartered in New York City. Today, Warner Media LLC is the third largest conglomerate in terms of revenue behind Comcast and Disney respectively. Warner Media LLC is owned by AT&T. (read more...)

Featured Character

Sylvester is a cartoon character created by Friz Freleng in 1945. His cartoons won three Academy Awards, the most for any Looney Tunes character. (read more...)

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Recent Blogs

Mr. So Wonderful Mr. So Wonderful 16 days ago

It's only a recreation, no need to judge me

Somehow a recreation (screenshot only) of the old French A.A.P. print of Don't Look Now seen on YouTube for so many years, which was later used to air on France 3's kids block.

Note: This might not he h…

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MaxietheFoxWiki MaxietheFoxWiki 22 days ago

My fake Looney Tunes shorts

Here are my fake Looney Tunes shorts:

  • "A Desert in the Forest" starring Maxie and Angelica
  • "Coconut Rabbit" staring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
  • "Daffy Duck and the Road Runner" staring Daffy Duck and the …
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LooneyTunefan LooneyTunefan 5 October

My Dream Looney Tunes Boomerang schedule

Have you ever noticed how boomerangs sceduale just repeats the same looney tunes every week. Its kinda repetive isnt it. So here is a sceduale that I wish that boomerang would do.

The first cartoon wo…

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Apple & OnionBen 10Craig of the CreekElliot From EarthThe FungiesThe Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince IvandoeInfinity TrainMao Mao: Heroes of Pure HeartNinjagoSummer Camp IslandTeen Titans Go!Tig n' SeekUnicorn: Warriors EternalVictor and ValentinoVillainousWe Baby Bears

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Codename: Kids Next DoorCourage the Cowardly DogCow and ChickenDexter's LaboratoryEd, Edd n EddyEvil Con CarneThe Grim Adventures of Billy and MandyI Am WeaselJohnny BravoMike, Lu and OgThe Powerpuff GirlsSheep in the Big CityTime SquadWhatever Happened to... Robot Jones?


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