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Mallory Mastermind
Background information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Debut appearance: "The Menace of the Mastermind"
Created by: Joseph Louis Grant
Adam Trevor Grant
Portrayed by: Florence Henderson

Mallory Mastermind is one of the villains in Loonatics Unleashed.


In The Menace of Mastermind, Tech E. Coyote reveals that before she became Mastermind, Mallory Casey was a fellow student he tutored at Acme Tech. While she was a student, Mallory developed a plan to steal the brainpower of the university staff using a machine she disguised as one of her school projects. Tech found out about her plan and put a stop to it by cutting the power to her machine, but a stray bolt of excess electricity ended up hitting Mallory, causing her forehead and brain to grow extremely large. She was then sent to prison and remained there until her debut episode, in which she escaped. Eager to get back at Tech, she infiltrated the Loonatics' tower and turned Tech's inventions against him, but Tech and the others were able to foil her plans for revenge.

In the two part episode Acmegeddon, when the villains trap the Loonatics in her old prison cell, Mastermind changes the lock code so they can't escape. Tech is able to crack the code, however, because it is the same as her old locker combination in college. Tech says they shared the locker and seems embarrassed to admit it, implying that there was more to his and Mallory's relationship in the past.


Mastermind has the power to make any piece of metal into a robot, which she can then control with a green energy that looks similar to Tech's magnetism. All metal, now matter how small, is affected. Due to this, all the reading material in her cell has to have the staples removed. Mallory is extremely intelligent, with brainpower to rival that of Tech E. Coyote.

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