Meet Minerva is the second and final segment of Animaniacs Episode 54.


Minerva Mink just finished taking a shower. She is singing a song, then gets a call from her friend (never-seen), who says her cousin is coming over to see Minerva. Minerva is not at all excited, but she looks forward to proceed to skinny dip in the nearby pond. While she is walking (naked with a towel covering her), all the males around her go wild for her.

Meanwhile, a dog (who first appeared in Animaniacs Episode 31 and his master, arrive at the area where Minerva lives. The master tells his dog to get him a mink for dinner. The dog proceeds to civilly ask her to come with him for dinner, but she then asks him to "blow on her toes". The dog gets excited and wants to find ways to "have her".

Among the ways he tries are:

  • Putting a cage with mink food that is supposed to lure minks inside, but Minerva then says she wants Chinese.
  • Ordering the Chinese food, but then gets trapped in his own cage.
  • Jogging with her while trying to use reverse psychology, but when she tells him he's "cute", it backfires. (She then calls him a "yutz")
  • Blowing up her house, but fails and blows himself up instead, while moving her house closer to the pond.

All of them fail to lure her to him. However, he is thanked when he unintentionally moves her house closer to the pond. Minerva's friend's cousin arrives and Minerva thinks he's handsome, then imitating similarly to what the dog did to Minerva earlier in the episode. Her friend's cousin calls her a "yutz" and leaves, leaving both the dog and Minerva dreaming about their new crushes.

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