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<soundcloud url="[soundcloud url=" height="20" width="30" auto_play="true" />
<soundcloud url="[soundcloud url=" height="20" width="30" auto_play="true" />
Thanks for stopping by.
<center>'''''^''' Please be patient as I may not be online at the time. Check my '''local time''' (CLICK UPDATE) before messaging '''^'''''</center> Sufferin' succotash! You have left a message for me. Thanks for stopping by my talk page. '''On Monday-Thursday, it is recommended that you leave messages between 1:00PM (Pacific Time) - 9:00PM. On Friday and Saturday, you can leave me a message between 1:00PM (Pacific Time) - 11:00PM. On Sunday, you can leave me a message between 9:00AM (Pacific Time) - 11:00PM.''' If you need to message me at anytime of the day go for it, but I might not get back to you right away and will get back to your regards as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience. If you are spamming on my wall, you may be subject to a ban. If you are rude on my wall, chances are I will reply rudely to you back or not reply at all.
Do message me if:
*You have a question for me.
*You have problems with other wikis that I edit on and want me to address them. Please message me on my talk page from Community Central.
*A protected page has error or page/template needs to be protected.
*A thread needs to be closed
*Page/image/video need to be deleted.
*You want to talk to me personally only.
*You need to report a user. (vandalism, spam, harassment, trolling)
*You have a question about citing sources.
*You want me to visit a certain wiki, but you must have been editing here for awhile. I will visit wikis and look at them. But do not ask me to join them. I will decide by visiting if I do want to join those wikis.
*You have a question regarding a warning I gave you.
*You have a question about a Term ''I have written''. If you have a question about a Term I did not write, please ask another staff member or post on the [[Special:Forum|forums/discussion boards]].
Do ''not'' message me if:
*You want me to rip off a recording from a DVD. I can send PC recordings if I got them from safe websites. I'm terribly sorry, I would if I could, but I don't have the ability to do this at the moment. Also, it can be downloaded online, legally or not, and I'm not up to date with the ''Looney Tunes'' DVDs. I am sorry about this, but don't message me about it.
**However, many of these cartoons are available to download at no cost from video sharing sites [ DailyMotion], [ Vimeo], [ Trilulilu Romania], or [ the Russian website MyMail] (you can also search up Видео which means Russian for video), the file site [ Chomikuj Poland] and are perfectly safe to download cartoons and files off from. Think twice before asking me about this one.
*You want to ask me something that can be done by reading the [[Looney Tunes Wiki:Terms|terms]] or [ Wikia's Help and Questions pages].
*You are angry about something. Unless someone is breaking rules, take a chill pill first, then message me. Everything will be all right.
*You want me to answer something you can easily find yourself or that can be answered by reading the terms.
*You want me to join a certain wiki. I can look and visit certain wikis, but don't force me to join. No guarantee I will.

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