Mice Follies
MF Title Card
Directed By: Robert McKimson
Produced By: John W. Burton
Released: August 20, 1960
Series: Looney Tunes
Story: Tedd Pierce
Animation: Warren Batchelder
Ted Bonnicksen
George Grandpré
Tom Ray
Layouts: Robert Gribbroek
Backgrounds: Bob Singer
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Daws Butler
Ginny Tyler
Music: Milt Franklyn
Starring: Ralph Crumden
Ned Morton
Alice Crumden
Trixie Morton
Preceded By: Ready, Woolen and Able
Succeeded By: From Hare to Heir

Mice Follies is a 1960 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Robert McKimson. It was his third of three parodies of The Honeymooners, following "The Honey-Mousers" (1956) and "Cheese It, the Cat!" (1957).


Ralph Crumden and Ned Morton leave their lodge meeting later than expected. On the way home, Morton peeps through a mail slot and spies a sleeping cat. He lassos the cat's tail and pulls it through the slot. Ralph grabs the rope from his hands just as the cat pulls back, yanking Ralph through the slot. He frantically climbs back outside and the two mice continue home.

The cat exits through a side window follows them. When they reach their mousehole, the cat jumps into the house through an open window there. It puts its mouth against the other side of the hole and Ralph and Ned walk right in. Remarking how dark it is, Ralph strikes a match and the cat spits them out.

The mice try to be quiet so their wives won't hear them coming home so late. The cat sneaks into the crawlway where they live and, in the dark, Ralph mistakes it for his wife. He feels its fur and gets mad thinking she bought a new fur coat so he rips it off and walks back out to Ned. The cat reaches its paw out and slices Ralph. Morton goes in to talk to his wife and the cat attacks him too. They run all the way back out to the street and decide to go sleep in the park.

Alice and Trixie return home from a movie, feeling bad about telling their husbands to be home at an earlier hour, and the cat attacks them too. They too take refuge in the park and unknowingly seat themselves on a bench behind the one where Ralph and Ned are sleeping.


DVD - Chuck Jones: The Mouse Chronicles


  • This was the first Warner cartoon to feature the "A Vitagraph Release" byline.
  • It was the most recent Warner cartoon in a package of post-1948 selected shorts made available to local television stations from the late 1960s through the early 1990s.
  • According to the commentary on "Transylvania 6-5000" on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 5 DVD, it is said that Julie Bennett also did the voices in this cartoon.[1]



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