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Minerva Mink is a minor character on the show Animaniacs. Despite her popularity, she only had a couple of solo episodes, due to Minerva being considered to be a little too sexy for the target audience, in addition the censors had to white out her breasts upon "Meet Minerva's" first airing. During the show's original run from 1993-99, Minerva Mink was voiced by comedienne Julie Brown.


Minerva Mink only starred in two cartoons. In those two shorts as well as her cameos, the guys (sometimes Wakko and Yakko) are always fawning and dreaming over her; however, Minerva just wants to be normal and not characterized as a "figure". Minerva isn't very satisfied with her life, as shown from her song "It's not pretty being me", however, she is very clever and isn't afraid to pull out a trick or two.


  • Minerva Mink never had a theme opening song. This is probably because she only had two cartoon segments and it was a waste of time and money to create one for her because of her short appearances.

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