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Miss Prissy
Background information
Species: Chicken
Gender: Female
Debut appearance: "Let It Be Me" (as Emily the Chicken)
"An Egg Scramble" (final)
Created by: Robert McKimson
Portrayed by: Mel Blanc ("An Egg Scramble")
Bea Benaderet (1951-1955)
Gladys Holland ("Little Boy Boo")[1]
June Foray (1959-1983)
Julie Bennett ("Strangled Eggs")
Nancy Wible ("The Yolks on You")
Tress MacNeille (Tweety's High-Flying Adventure)
Grey DeLisle (The Looney Tunes Show)
Laurie Fraser (Looney Tunes Dash!)[2]

Miss Prissy is a Looney Tunes character created by Robert McKimson. She has been voiced by Mel Blanc, June Foray, Bea Benaderet, and Tress MacNeille.


Miss Prissy is a spinster chicken that lives in the yard of Foghorn Leghorn. She is typically described as an old hen, thinner than the other hens in the chicken coop, wearing a blue bonnet and wire-rimmed glasses. The other hens ridicule her and call her "old square britches".


Her prototype first appeared in "Let It Be Me" as Emily the Chicken; this was confirmed in the Toonheads episode "Emily the Chicken".

Her first redesigned appearance was in the 1950 short "An Egg Scramble", the only cartoon featuring her and Porky Pig, in which the other hens are making fun of the fact that she cannot lay an egg (because she think it's embarrassing). This particular cartoon is especially amusing, because Prissy takes on two voice talents. First, Mel Blanc takes on the role with his male-based high pitched "Yuh-essssss!!", which is Prissy's catchphrase. In one or two lines where she runs after the egg, Bea Benaderet steps in and voices her with "My egg!" Bea also voices the other hens who tease Prissy using all her famous dialects: the Brooklyn Girl, the "Betty Rubble" (including the infamous giggle), and the deep voice matron-like dialect.

Her next appearances are centered around Foghorn Leghorn. In "Lovelorn Leghorn" (1951), she is set on finding a husband, and in "Of Rice and Hen" (1953) she is looking to have children. However, in both "Little Boy Boo" (1954) and "Feather Dusted" (1955) she is depicted as a widow with a child, Egghead Jr., and with a more extensive vocabulary than her trademark "yeeeesss". In "Little Boy Boo" (1954), "A Broken Leghorn" (1959) and "Strangled Eggs" (1961), it is usually Foghorn who is pursuing Prissy for his own selfish needs.


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