Background information
Species: tasmanian devil
Gender: female
Debut appearance: "The Dog the Turtle Story"
Created by:
Portrayed by: Kellie Martin

Molly is a character on Taz-Mania voiced by Kellie Martin. She first appeared in the premiere episode, "The Dog the Turtle Story", which originally aired 7 Sep 1991.


Molly is Taz's teenage sister, who often fights with him. She loves the boy band New Chips off the Block and worries constantly about her image. Despite being more refined than her brother, she often shares his vicious nature, though in a more sibling-rivalry sense. Molly and Taz and their little brother Jake live in a cave with their parents, Hugh and Jean.


Molly wears a pink long-sleeved blouse, dark violet knee-length skirt and black shoes.


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