Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name is a 1935 Merrie Melodies short directed by Isadore Freleng.


Buddy the Merman is playing tag with a girl Mermaid on the seafloor. They discover an old sunken ship with treasure and an old piano in the hold. She plays the piano and sings the title song along with a lobster. While she is singing, a savage octopus abducts her and the chase is on! After Buddy and the octopus fight, with the octopus getting the better of him, Buddy is able to tie all its legs to the end of a pipe and bash it in the head with an old piece of broken mast hanging from a rope. As he is bashing the octopus with the mast, the girl approaches and kisses Buddy. He turns away and blushes, the mast swings back and knocks him into her arms.





  • This is Buddy's only appearance in a Merrie Melodies short. This is also his only color cartoon appearance and the only Buddy cartoon in the a.a.p./Turner package.
  • A print shown in the Latin American region is known to have the MPPDA logo with certificate 482.[2]
  • This is the last cartoon to use the red curtains design for the opening and closing sequence, as it would be changed to green starting with "Country Boy". It is also the only cartoon with the red curtain titles to be restored for DVD or for HBO Max.


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