Mutton For Nothing
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode No. 41a
Directed By: {{{directed by}}}
Written By: Chris Otsuki
Art Vitello
Released: November 15, 1994
Previous; Molly's Folly
Next: Dr. Wendal and Mr. Taz

Mutton For Nothing is an episode of Taz-Mania directed by Keith Baxter.  It first aired 15 Nov 1994.


Sam Sheepdog punches in at the time clock, then looks around for the coyote. Taz spins up and punches in for work and Sam remarks that he must be the new temp from Predators-R-Us. When the whistle blows, Taz spins out to the sheep, but Sam entangles him with a ball of twine, then spins him away like a top.

Taz sneaks back and distracts Sam for a moment and pulls down a crude painting of the sheep meadow so Sam can't see the real area. When Taz runs down to grab a sheep, it turns out to be a painting of a sheep on a wall, which Sam then pushes over on Taz.

Taz burrows underneath the meadow, pulling sheep down into his tunnel, but when he accidentally grabs Sam, Sam glues Taz to a big target on the ground, then climbs a big hill and drops a boulder on him. The lunch whistle blows and the boulder screeches to a halt just inches above Taz. Sam sits down in the shade with him and eats his lunch. He asks Taz where his lunch is and Taz points to a sheep. Sam laughs, finishes his lunch and leaves. The whistle blows again and the boulder continues its course, flattening Taz.

Taz dons a sheep costume and sneaks around the meadow to select the biggest sheep. However, the biggest sheep is really a barrel of TNT with another sheep costume on. Sam lights the fuse as Taz carries it away.

On their coffee break, Sam gives Taz an idea. He builds a mailbox, and a crate addressed to Albuquerque. He pulls back the lid of the crate in a big slingshot and lines it up with Sam and the mailbox. When he releases it, the lid scoops up Sam, slams him inside the crate, and the whole works end up inside the mailbox. The mailman comes and picks up the crate and puts it on a plane which flies away, leaving Taz alone with the sheep. Sam then returns on a Kangaroute bus and shakes the sheep outta Taz.


  • This cartoon is considered part of the Sam Sheepdog Cartoon Series. Sam faced Ralph E. Wolf in the classic cartoons, but this episode is the first one that pairs Sam with a different, but major Looney Tunes Character. 

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