Mysterious Phenomena of the Unexplained
General information
Genre: Webtoons
Created by:
Starring: Daffy Duck
No. of seasons:
No. of episodes: 7
Running time:
Original run: 2001

Mysterious Phenomena of the Unexplained is a series of seven Webtoons cartoons released in 2001 and 2002. These shorts are hosted by paranormal investigator Daffy Duck with his sidekick Porky Pig. Each webisode explores a different conspiracy.


  1. "Sufferin' Sasquatch" (Bigfoot)
  2. "Who Wants to be a Martian-Aire?" (Aliens)
  3. "Cropsy Curvy" (Crop Circles)
  4. "The Bermuda Short" (The Bermuda Triangle)
  5. "The Taming of the Screwball" (Shakespeare's Curse)
  6. "Loch Ness Mess" (The Loch Ness Monster)
  7. "El Chupacabra!" (El Chupacabra)
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