Obstacles, Of Course
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Series: Toon Marooned


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Release: 2001, Looney Tunes: Reality Check
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Obstacles, Of Course is the ninth webisode of the Toon Marooned series of Webtoons cartoons. It first premiered on August 28, 2001.


The semi-final challenge for the contestants is an obstacle course where the toons must swing over the water hazard, tip toe through the Festeroon hot springs, a couple of hors d'oeuvres and a final run to the finish line. Daffy and Sylvester double cross each other allowing Tweety to win immunity. As Tweety is the winner, he votes off Sylvester.

This leads down to two contestants left: Tweet and Daffy.

The final episode will decide the winner.



Daffy's Alliance


Looney Tunes The Toon Marooned episode 9

Looney Tunes The Toon Marooned episode 9


  • Just before the hors d'oeuvres table is spun and the shot is close-up the green worms are missing but reappear later and eaten by Tweety.
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