Oh Brother
Oh Brother
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode No. 19a
Directed By: Lenord Robinson
Written By: Henry Gilroy
Art Vitello
Released: September 12, 1992
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Next: Taz Babies

Oh Brother is an episode of Taz-Mania directed by Lenord Robinson. It first aired 12 Sep 1992.


Two gorilla brothers walk through the jungle. The younger one is fanatically proud of the elder, and begs him to tell the story of a past victory against a pack of Tasmanian Devils, when he is suddenly struck in the head with Jake's soccer ball.

This angers the little gorilla, so he demands retaliation. However, during various attempts to attack Jake, the older one unintentionally bashes Taz instead. After given a final chance to get Jake, he willfully follows the younger devil into a dark cave where he again mistakes Taz for Jake, and is again beaten and ejected from the cave by Taz. Disappointed and shamed by his brother's utter defeat, the younger brother finally confronts Jake himself. Unaware there was ever a conflict, Jake invites the younger gorilla to "play ball" with him. The younger gorilla rejects and knocks the ball away, and states his intent to avenge his brother and uphold family integrity. He starts pushing and name-calling. The fight quickly ends after Jake forcefully pushes the young gorilla to the ground, causing him to break into tears.

The young gorilla once again demands his older brother attack Jake for him, only to be rebuffed and told to take on Jake himself. After a short crying fit by the younger gorilla, the older one gives in and again attempts to confront Jake. Before he can pummel the young Devil, Taz comes to Jake's aid.

Now stunned and fully aware that the Devil he was attacking the whole time was Taz, and that he and Jake were related, he attempts to get away only to be stopped by Taz. The older gorilla pleads for Taz to go easy on him, only to once again be ruthlessly pummeled by Taz.

The younger gorilla watches as his brother is beaten. Jake apologizes for pushing him. The young one accepts, and acknowledges that his brother is the one who "started it" and is again invited to play ball, to which the young one happily agrees. Both Jake and the younger gorilla brother start playing, as Taz and the older brother continue to fight.


  • The gorilla brothers act remarkably like Spike and Chester.
  • The way the gorilla mistakenly fights Taz instead of Jake while his brother remains unaware is remarkably like the way Spike fights the panther instead of Sylvester while Chester remains unaware in 1952's "Tree for Two".

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