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Oh My Darlin' Serpentine is the eighth webisode of the Toon Marooned series of Webtoons cartoons. It first aired August 21, 2001.


The title is a play on the song "Oh My Darlin' Clementine".


NOTE: Plot may contain elements of the webtoon's original internet version, including the intended order of events in the webtoon's interactive portion.

The final four are starving; Sylvester views Tweety as food, and Taz does the same with Daffy. Sylvester's attempt to eat Tweety is stopped by Bugs, who states that it's against the rules. Sylvester suggests to Daffy about voting off Bugs, but Daffy tells him they can't, as Bugs is the host. Bugs announces this week's immunity challenge: a snake roundup, with the first one to catch a snake and bring it back winning immunity. Tweety quickly and successfully lassos an anaconda. Sylvester clubs what appears to be a small rattlesnake's tail, but runs when it turns out to belong to a massive python. Taz encounters a giant cobra, which he frightens away, along with every other snake in the immediate vicinity. Daffy can't pluck the courage to grab a tiny snake and runs into a cave, which unfortunately for him, turns out to be snake-infested. At Toon Council, Bugs declares a three-way tie for immunity between Tweety, who returned with the anaconda, Sylvester, who returned inside the python that swallowed him, and Daffy, who is covered in snakes biting him. As Taz failed to get a snake at all, he is automatically eliminated, and he trashes the council in anger.




Daffy's Alliance



Looney Tunes The Toon Marooned episode 8


  • Bugs: "Yes! We're down the to final four!"
  • Bugs: "Eh, sorry Taz. No snake, no immunity. YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!"


  • Bugs Bunny dresses up as Steve Irwin.
  • In the original internet version, there was an interactive portion in which the viewer could choose the order in which the character's attempts to catch a snake could be viewed.
  • In the snake cave where Daffy runs into, one of the snake eyes is a literal "Snake Eyes" (a roll of two ones on a dice).