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Overdue Duck is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Porky Pig has recently gained work at the Looneyville Public Library and is busy reading a book, when a large, angry goon suddenly bursts in and intimidates him by demands to read some poetry in a quiet place, further stating he may just lose it if he doesn't as he believes the library has been voted Quietest Library for 6 years. Scared of losing his job, Porky directs the goon to a nice easy seat in a large armchair and hands him a book of poems to read from. Unfortunately, Daffy Duck is also visiting the library, mainly to do his laundry despite not wearing clothing except for his grey choker. Irritated at this insubordination of library rules, the goon forces Porky to silence the duck, so the pig negotiates with Daffy to take down his laundry.

Daffy is seemingly unwilling to budge at first as he doesn't want to go to the post office, but accepts Porky's proposal to not disturb his client (albeit begrudgingly) and leaves the pig to continue his reading. However, a few minutes later, he is reading a dictionary, observing the letters, words, and definitions in hilarity as he does so, which disturbs the goon to near annoyance, causing Porky to strangle him, place him on a stool, and put a dunce's hat on his head while telling him to be quiet or else to make sure the goon gets his peace. Just as he is about to resume his reading, the goon grabs Porky and warns him that he is about to lose his patience with both him and Daffy and spits in his eye before throwing him back to his booth. Just then, the fire alarm sounds off, causing the goon to signal Porky with a menacing growl, and the pig speeds off to the sections Rare Books, Medium Rare Books, and Well Done Books, the last of which Daffy is discovered having a campfire with a giant book as a tent, and is about to roast some marshmallows when Porky extinguishes the fire out of fear of the goon's wrath.

Daffy and Porky have a brief debate over the library rules, before the duck decides to use a blender to create smoothies for himself. However, to avoid the goon's rage, Porky kicks the blender and kicks Daffy out. Daffy sadly admits his wrongdoings and decides to return to his garbage can on Skid Row, unknowingly infuriating the goon. To save himself, Porky allows Daffy back into the library, after which Daffy celebrates by forming a one man marching band and smashing the drum onto Porky, causing him to furiously put a spin on his classic line by turning "That's all Folks!" into "That's it!" before chasing Daffy all throughout the library, ending up in the filing cabinets where the duck uses a bomb to blow Porky up and leave him charred. The chase culminates in them both being mauled by the goon who then resumes his poetry, which is centered around love.

After he finishes the last poem in the book, he puts it back in the bookcase, where both Porky and Daffy have turned into books themselves and while the pig tearfully applauds the poem, Daffy shushes him as they are still in the library.