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Pain in the Ice is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Tweety ice skates on a frozen pond near Granny's winter house at the foot of Winter Summit, with the woman wishing him good luck. Meanwhile, a cold and hungry Sylvester finds a can of Chicken Chunks, only to discover a wolverine which eats his hand. He disposes of the savage before he sets his sights on Tweety and his drool freezes. He steps onto the pond and captures the bird. Tweety warns him of the dangers of standing on ice, which he brushes reflexively until he begins to lose his balance, and despite managing to land on his claws, is spun around by Tweety into the water and emerges frozen solid. Tweety uses a pickaxe to split him in half, commenting on his exploits.

Sylvester then climbs a tree and tries to drop a large boulder on Tweety, but the branch he is standing on breaks and he once again falls into the water, getting himself stuck with a carnivorous barracuda that proceeds to devour him in a "friendly" manner. Having escaped from the barracuda, Sylvester uses a magnet to bring the canary to him. Surprisingly the idea works, and a helpless Tweety tries to skate for his life but the skates are easily attracted. Luckily for Tweety, the magnet attracts a fork and knife belonging to a ferociously hungry polar bear that then proceeds to eat Sylvester. Tweety bids farewell to the pussycat, "Bye-Bye, puddy! It was ice knowing ya!"