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Parade Float is a Merrie Melodies song from the Looney Tunes Show episode, Gribbler's Quest along with I Love To Sing-A .


He's marchin' on the freeway so get out of his way.

Cause he's rollin' in a monster made of papier mache.

Why stay in one lane when he can take 'em all?

He drives a diesel-burning dump-truck that's eighteen feet tall.

Parade Float!

The AC blows hot.

Parade Float!

The transmission is shot.

Parade Float!

It's so fun to drive.

Parade Float!

It won't go over twenty-five.

Daffy: Awoooooooooooooooooooo. Parade... Float. Did somebody order a bass solo? Wait. Wait. Closer. Almost. There it is. Hoho there it is.

It's too slow to pull over and it's too big to steal.

You'll never tip it over; it's got two feet and four wheels.

It gets one mile to the gallon and it tends to catch on fire.

And the only way to start it is with a pair of pliers.

Daffy: You know environmentalists say, "Your car is too big." But I say, "Your planet's too small."

He still celebrates and decorates its super great, har-me-onate ...

Parade Float!

It hits curbs a bunch.

Parade Float!

It eats hybrids for lunch.

Parade Float!

Just don't try to pass.

Parade Float!

Or he'll flatten your car.

Daffy: Awoooooooooooooooooooo. Parade Float... Suckers

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