In a 50th birthday tribute to Bugs Bunny, this nine cartoon collection offers a fun-filled opportunity to enjoy the sad yet loveablie character of Pepé Le Pew. A hopeless romantic, Pepe spends most of his time forlomly looking for love whilst battling with the persistent problem of his unique "body perfume". Yet despite his problems, Pepe is also a fun loving character and during his amorous exploits, gives rise to many moments of genuine laughter and enjoyment.

Since his first Looney Tunes appearance in 1945, Pepe Le Pew has gone on to win not only an Oscar, but the love of cartoons fans around the world.


  1. Two Scent's Worth
  2. Louvre Come Back to Me!
  3. Heaven Scent
  4. A Scent of the Matterhorn
  5. Wild over You
  6. For Scent-imental Reasons
  7. Little Beau Pepé
  8. Touché and Go
  9. Odor of the Day

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