Perfecto Prep

Perfecto Prep is a preparatory school in Tiny Toon Adventures and the second known school within ACME Acres. It serves as a rival to Acme Looniversity in the Wacky World of Sports shorts and other miscellaneous sporting events. Its other main use is personal rivalry between alumni of Perfecto, known as "Perfectoids" and alumni of Acme Looniversity.

Perfecto Prep is exclusive and high-brow and, except for Montana Max, it is the school of choice for the more affluent toons. A hot-bed of snobbery and superiority issues, Perfecto's school motto is "we never lose". True to the motto, for over 200 years since its start in 1790, students are taught and encouraged to resort to cheating, cruelty, and bribery to uphold their quota. However, in an attempt to win the Acme Bowl, it is this effort that has marked an unending losing streak that always ends in a karmic failure. Acme Looniversity is hated by Perfecto Prep, and many call those who attend it "Acme Loo-sers" or "riff-raff", looking down on them as less affluent and lesser than them.

Many students from both schools appear to be a mirror of one another. Roderick and Rhubella Rat (or Ruby), the most often encountered characters, are nasty alter egos of Buster and Babs Bunny. The two couples often clash over the rats' obnoxious, unfair, and even downright unpleasant behavior, and the rabbits take delight in bringing to them their just desserts when push comes to shove. Other lesser seen characters, such as Danforth Drake and Margot Mallard, are parallel versions of Plucky Duck and Shirley the Loon. Later in the series, Shirley encounters a flock of beautiful but vicious Perfecto swans in the short Loon Lake. Only the ringleader, Giselle, is named. Other unnamed Perfecto characters include a male horse, a variety of rats and ducks, male and female hippos and a cow.

There is a sense of Perfecto being desirable amongst certain Tiny Toons. In the short "The Amazing Three", Babs Bunny, Shirley the Loon and Fifi La Fume go to great lengths to crash a sophisticated ball the school is holding. Plucky Duck also was enticed to transfer to Perfecto before the Acme Bowl. Despite all of their admiration, much of it was brought to disillusion upon actually meeting the reality of its alumni, or outright faked.

Nearly all of the Perfectoids are parodies of early 1990s "preppy" teen characters seen in contemporary shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and the cast of Disney's Mickey Mouse. As such, they have seemingly inexhaustible funds, opulent school facilities such as luxury suite dorms and the attitude that success and happiness can be bought. They are usually not seen as evil characters, just highly unpleasant ones.