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Pest Coaster is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Bugs Bunny accidentally forgets to turn left at Luxembourg whilst burrowing to the Democratic Republic of Congo, having packed a bowlful of carrots on his head, embracing the natives' culture. Bugs is confused at his surroundings at first, but then a gust of wind blows a map into his face, showing Bugs he is inside Amusement Park, the 3rd or 4th happiest place on Earth, give or take. He experiences the games, prizes, and food high in saturated fat, becoming more ecstatic when he spies a roller coaster christened the Murderizer. However, Carnie Sam has a long list of policies, the first and last of which state "No animals" and "No rabbits". When Bugs enters the ride, Sam shows him the list and immediately throws him out.

Bugs disguises himself as a sexy blonde. Sam sees through the disguise when the wig blows onto the platform, with Bugs laughing. He chases him on the coaster after failing to turn it off, The rabbit changes seats every time he tries to evict him. When Bugs is finally caught, he warns Sam that the roller coaster is about to begin its first drop, with the carnie hanging on to the caboose when it does, causing him to literally come out of his skin so that only his bones are left, allowing the skin to be blown into a cornfield where it becomes a scarecrow. Infuriated, Sam, having retrieved his skin, uses a jetpack and chainsaw to slice Bugs in half, but is subdued by the coaster handlebars, causing him to accidentally chainsaw his jetpack in half. He plummets to the ground, after which the chainsaw maims him.

Sam rigs a bundle of dynamite, but is shocked when Bugs has a baby with him. Sam tries to blow out the fuse or extinguish it with his spit, with Bugs gentling caressing and reassuring his nephew the whole time. Sam finally places it in the park's lavatory. Relieved, Sam says that while he despises animals, he would never abuse a minor, and proves it by asking a lady if he can kiss her child, which she reluctantly allows. Subsequently, he discovers that the baby is actually the dynamite packet from the toilet. After the dynamite blows up in Sam's face, the lady is revealed to be Bugs Bunny himself, and the baby was actually a pull-string doll before making a blissfully karmic remark about today's youth.




  • HBO Max packaged this as episode 105a, along with the short "Rhino Ya Don't".
  • This is one of the few Bugs shorts that begins with a title card for Looney Tunes Cartoons.


  • Sam's list of rules bans Freudians, but the sign misspells it as "Fruedians".